Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Prayer for team leadership

Father in Heaven,

Thank You for our team's leaders.

They are essential to our unity, to our development, and to our success.

Please equip them with wisdom, insight, and authority.

Please enable them to communicate strongly and to model effectively.

I will commit and submit to them as I do to You.

I pray, trust, and compete on Jesus' name,


Post-practice prayer


Thank You for today's practice session.

It tested me; body, mind, and spirit.

My teammates and I improved our skills, our strategies, and our teamwork through this workout.

Please enable us to rest and recover so we may train and compete again.

Please further Your divine purposes in my life and in the lives of my teammates and coaches.

I commit the results, the frustrations, and the joys of this practice into Your wise and loving care. 

In Jesus' name, 


Prayer for weight training


Thank You for the privilege that I have to train in this weight room. 

May my effort honor You and my coach. 

May my focus imitate Yours on Calvary.

May my physical strength grow as I grow in my love for You. 

I commit this workout, every moment of exertion, rest, and recovery to You. 

I pray in Jesus ' powerful name, 


Prayer for retirement

Heavenly Father,

My sporting career is coming to a rapid end.

My body is broken down and my mind is tired.

My love for (sport) and for its people is strong and vital to my life.

The steady approach of retirement both excites and frightens me.

For as long as I can remember, (sport) has been a central part of my identity.

Please remind me daily that my worth, my identity, and my life are securely tied to my relationship with You.

Lead me confidently into this next chapter of life, love, and fulfillment of Your purposes.

In Jesus' strong name,