Saturday, March 21, 2015

Prayer of concern for loved ones

Father in Heaven, 

Thank You for those You have given me to love. 

Family, friends, teammates, and mentors.

You know how my heart aches with concern and my mind worries for their wellbeing.

My life in (sport) competes for my attention and demands that I  concentrate.

Please enable me to wisely care for my loved ones and to excel as I train and compete in (sport).

I affirm my commitment to those I love and I pray for them in Jesus' name,


Prayer for excelling teammates

Gracious Father, 

Thank You for my teammates, one and all.

Thank You for those who are experiencing outstanding performances.

Please guard my heart from envy of them.

Please guard their hearts from arrogance and pride.

Please lead us to all compete at our absolute best, to excel so to honor You, and to find true joy in (sport).

I pray and trust in Jesus' powerful name,


Prayer for poorly performing teammates

Merciful Father,

Thank you for my teammates, one and all.

My heart is grieved and my mind is troubled with a few of my teammates.

They are performing poorly and that is compromising our team's pursuit of excellence.

Please lead me to serve them well.

Please empower me to love them deeply.

Please help me to lead them wisely.

Please give me grace to be kind and compassionate.

Please enable our team to rally around them and to elevate our collective performance to new heights.

I trust, lead, and pray in Jesus' name,


Prayer for off-season training


Thank You for my life in (sport). 

These off-season workouts try my patience and drain my soul.

The rewards of game day seem terribly remote.

Please deepen my resolve to train and refresh my commitment to this process.

Please renew the energy in my spirit, my mind, and my body.

I will trust You to fulfill Your grand design in (sport) as I walk ahead in today's training.

And I will continually pray in Jesus' name, 


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Prayer for mental focus


Please sharpen the focus of my mind.
Lord, brighten my heart's vision. 

Jesus, open my soul to perceive.
Holy Spirit, empower my will to wisely decide.

Savior, envigor my body to excellent performance.

Sovereign God, demonstrate Your ways through this life.

Almighty God, accomplish Your will in this day.

Master, further Your purposes in this contest.

Father, I commit myself, all that I am, and ever hope to be, to You.

I pray in Jesus' strong name, 


Monday, March 16, 2015

Prayer for the family of a competitor

Father in Heaven,

Thank You for placing me in a loving family.

They are a treasure to my soul.

I feel conflicted as my presence with them is compromised.

My life in sport is demanding of time and attention.

Please guard my family as I travel, train, and compete.

Teach me how to be 100% present when I am with them and to be mindful of them when absent.

Deepen our bonds of love, respect, and affection.

I commit my family, all our hopes and dreams, into Your loving care. 

I pray in Jesus' strong name, 


Pre-practice prayer

Strong and loving Father,

As I walk into this day's practice -
○ Please sharpen my mind,
○ Strengthen my will,
○ Empower my body,
○ Inspire my spirit,
○ And steady my emotions for excellence in performance, in teamwork, and in preparation to compete.

I pray in the powerful name of Jesus,